Our Program

L’Atelier is founded and staffed by a team of three native French teachers, each with over ten years experience.

We provide a rigorous French immersion curriculum (no English is spoken) focused on pre-reading, pre-writing, pre-math, and fine motor skill development, modeled on French methods.

Academics are combined with a motherly approach to our students’ emotional needs and comfort. In France, such schools are known as “les écoles maternelles” (maternal schools).


Cécile Depraetere (Co-founder)

Born in Lille, France, Cécile studied French and English at L'Université de Lille lll, Charles de Gaulle. She has over ten years of experience, having taught early childhood French immersion at The Language Workshop for Children and at Le Jardin A L'Ouest before co-founding L’Atelier.

Besides interests in poetry and photography, Cécile is passionate about literature, both for adults and youth, and she enjoys sharing her discoveries with the children.


Emmanuelle Benoit (Co-founder)

Born in Lyon, France, Emmanuelle realized at a very young age that her vocation lay in the care and education of young children. After graduating from the French National Teacher’s Institute (L’Institut Universitaire de Formation des Maîtres, Paris), she spent six years teaching preschool in Paris. After moving to New York City, Emmanuelle continued her career at the Lyceum Kennedy and at Le Jardin A L’Ouest before co-founding L’Atelier.

Emmanuelle has a passion for music and loves to sing and share her passion with the class.


Aurélie Boquet (Co-founder)

Aurélie was born in Creil, France, and holds a Master 1 FLE (French as a Second Language) from the Stendhal University in Grenoble. She taught French in Westchester, NY and for L'Alliance Française in Florida before joining the team at Le Jardin A L'Ouest and becoming a L’Atelier co-founder.

Aurélie is passionate about languages and Latin America and also speaks fluent Spanish.